Animal: Dog
Breed: mum is a lahsa apso cross yorkie dad was a full lasa

Pet Symptoms: My dog had a stomach problem back in january which made him dehydrated, ive forgot the name of it but it could have killed him, he was pooing blood too. after that about a month later he still had dihorea, I felt like the vet dodnt gove us a good enough run of meds so we went back and ahe gave us 4 days more meds which sorted him and we changed him to chicken that u het from pets at home and at first we were boiling it and we found out they could eat it raw so we started that and his dioreah started again, iy is a very watery dioreah but jo blood now.

Our Advice: It is possible that your dog have just sensitive stomach. Unfortunately in order to have the correct diagnosis will involve a lot of tests. The first step will be 3 day faecal sample to be send to the lab to rule out resistant bacterial infection (salmonella campylobacter or any other bacterial infection). They will check the sample for resistant parasites as well. If Pepi is not vaccinated they have to rule out paro virus. If this is all negative they have to collect blood samples to check for exocrine pancreatic insufficiency and food intolerance.