Diabetes and Weight Loss

Animal: Dog
Breed: Bullmastiff

Pet Symptoms: I have a bullmastiff who has diabetes, over the last year she has suffered with rapid weight loss. Her diabetes is under control and she was spade 3 weeks ago. She is no longer eating much or drinking. Our options are to have a scan or be refferred to a specialist. What would cause a dog to lose this much weight she weighs a mere 21k as opposed to her healthy weight of 36k? Is it worth prolonging her suffering? she cannot walk far and has lost most of her sight. What are the possible outcomes of further testing?

Our Advice: Did Summer has a blood test to check her liver and kidneys as well? If she did not the next step will be blood test to check that.  If that was normal she might have Cushing disease (usually uncontrolled diabetes excessive thirst and urination extended abdomen lethargy and as far as I can see she is under good control so Cushing would be unlikely.) If her kidneys and liver are normal she will need to have a scan to check if she does not have tumour in the abdomen and xray abdomen and chest to rule out tumour as well. If Summer does have tumour the prognosis is depending on the results from eventual biopsy. If she does have liver or kidney failure she can have special supplements and diet to help with eventual liver or kidney problem. If it is Cushing disease (very unlikely) she can have medication to help with that as well. I hope that helped and good luck.