Diabetes and Urinating on Cushion whilst Asleep

Animal: Cat
Breed: British shorthair

Pet Symptoms: My cat was diagnosed with diabetes last week. The vet has prescribed 2 units of caninsulin once a day we are going for a check up on Thursday. I gave it for the first time by myself today and she gave a weak cry of pain. Am I administering this correctly? She is very small and lost weight so there is not much loose skin. She is 14 years old. The other problem is changing her to this new diet (dry food weight reduction/diabetes cat food from brand called Specific) she does not want to eat it despite mixing her current food (60g current, 10g new).

She started urinating on cushions whilst asleep which was when we took her to the vet about a week and half ago. She has lost weight and is drinking more than usual. She has stopped urinating for the time being around the house, her litter box is very full in the morning. She is allowed outdoors but prefers indoors. We initially thought she was depressed so introduced some wet food, although she only licks the juices. She has never been able to pick up wet food in her mouth hence why she has always been on dry food Purina and has only drank water

Our Advice: I think it’s very unlikely you would hurt Ozzy with the insulin needles as they are very small.  I think you need to discuss this further with your vets if he isn’t eating the food as they need to be aware of any changes or alterations so they should be able to help if you are having problems.

Most of the foods are money back guaranteed if she won’t eat them so if she doesn’t like one type as about others.  Hills make some as to RCW/Royal Canin, purina veterinary diets etc.