Diabetes Mellitus

Animal: Dog
Breed: Collie cross/German Shepherd

Pet Symptoms:
My dog is a cross collie German Shepherd. She is at least 15 years old and has been diagnosed with DM. I have for the first time been using the PDSA service due to being out of work due to illness. My main advice is to have her put to sleep but I can’t, she still has daily walks and loves her food. She recently started to be incontinent which as got worse and has to wear nappies all the time whilst in the house. I was cutting her fur away after bathing her yesterday and noticed her vaginal area looked sore and possibly prolapsed. The PDSA felt their was a possible mass in her bladder on her last visit early last week but did not examine her and see this. It is Bank Holiday and there does not seem to be an emergency service for out of hours. I am worried this could be resulting from a tumour but they have put the incontinence down to DM. I understand this is a charitable service and always contribute but wondered if it would be better to get a loan to fund a normal Vet as all I seem to get is “don’t you think it is time now” I don’t want to be cruel and keep her going for my sake but she doesn’t seem to be in pain and still has such bright eyes and a zest for life. Is there any advice you can offer me?

DM – Incontinence – symptoms looking like a slight prolapse of vaginal area.

Our Advice:
If there is a tumour did the vet said it is operable? If surgery is not an option maybe they can prescribe her pain killers so she is more comfortable. Unfortunately I can not advise you where can you get a loan for a private vet. Management on dogs with DM is usually pain killers and anti inflammatory medications as well.