Animal: Cat
Breed: Cyprus

Pet Symptoms: I adopted a four month old kitten, a week ago, and she came from a very bad home, she has the sympotoms of depression. She sleeps all day the only time she gets up is if I wake her up even then she’s an extremely hard sleeper, I can yell or shake her and she won’t wake up. She doesn’t eat much, she isn’t playful at all, she doesn’t use the litter box, she hides i n dark places, and she meows all the time. And I’m really worried.

Our Advice: It does sound like your kitten is very unwell. If Smegle is not using the litter tray and hardly eating and moving she is probably dehydrated. I would advise you to take her to your vet ASAP. This could be cat flue FIV FIP or panleucopenia.