Animal: Dog
Breed: Staffordshire bull terrier

Pet Symptoms: My dog 19month old Staffordshire bull terrier keeps getting demodex this is the 3rd time in 12months she gets treated with aludex baths weekly each time for weeks then she has advocate spot on monthly when cleared but it still keeps returning can you tell me why.

Our Advice: Unfortunately demodex can be very difficult to treat and get completely resolved. The mites can pass between dogs, and despite thorough treatments can in some instances be extremely difficult to eliminate altogether.

Aludex washes should be done weekly and carried on for at least on to two weeks AFTER a negative skin scrape test result is achieved. Advocate if dosed to the correct weight can help, and can be used in some instances down to once every week in order to help resolve more stubborn cases. Hopefully you can discuss these approaches with your vet and using either the regular aludex until resolved on skin scrape tests or the more frequent advocate applications may help to achieve clearing the problem. If these fail, there are other unlicensed drugs which may help but these need to be discussed with your vet as they may have unforeseen side effects, so maybe asking to see a specialist to help may be a better option if things aren’t clearing. Veterinary dermatologists will be experienced in dealing with such cases and may have other treatments that could help which first opinion vets may not have access to or experience with.