Cystitis in cats

Animal: Cat
Breed: Tabby

Pet Symptoms: My cat is acting normally, very lively and does not appear to be in pain but is straining when she goes to pass urine and/or stools but nothing happens. She has been like this for more than 24 hours. She is eating and drinking normally and she does not have dried cat food only wet. She is also trying in unusual and inappropriate places such as onto carried bags and shiny surfaces in the house which is not her usual behaviour.

Our Advice: This is a case where I would advise taking her to see a vet – mainly so they can have a good feel of her abdomen, bowel and bladder and possibly take a urine sample if possible. If you can get a sample at home before going they may be able to look at that, but it can be difficult to get a sample in a normal cat, let alone one that isn’t using the normal spots to toilet!

Cystitis is very common in cats and usually can be treated with anti-inflammatories, diet changes or medications to supplement the bladder – or a combination of these as required. It can be hard to diagnose, but often happens in conjunction with stress such as moving house, new people or animals in the house, building works etc.