Cut on Right Back Leg

Animal: Dog
Breed: Bichon

Pet Symptoms: Hi. My name is Taler and I have 1 yo Bichin named Eli. I was grooming him today and accidentally cut his right back leg. It bled only for a moment but it looks deep. I took him to a vet in my area who said the wound would need stitches but he does not have another appt for a week. I sprayed the wound with some antibacterial spray (for dogs) and dressed the wound with gauze and an ace bandage to prevent him from licking it. What can I do to make sure it heals properly? And what is safe to give him for pain?? Please help.

Our Advice: If the wound require surgical treatment that will be the only thing that will help. I would advise you to contact a different vet in your area. If this is not an option I would advise you to contact your vet and ask them to provide you with pain killers and buster collar to stop the dog from licking the wound. I would not advise you to use human pain killers.