Cleft Lip

Animal: Dog
Breed: Staffordishire Bull

Pet Symptoms: I have a one day old puppy that has a cleft lip she doesnt seem to have a cleft pallet. She wasn’t suckling of her mother but has taken milk from a tube. Other pups appear fine any advise on steps in caring for the weak pup?

Our Advice: I guess you have a formula to feed the puppy. The puppy have to be fed 10 times daily at this age every 2 hours about 10 to 20 ml per day until he/she is 7 day old than every 3 hours ( 20-40 mls per day) than 8 to 14 days every 3-4 hours ( 30-45 mls per day) 15 to 21 days every 4 hours ( 50-75 mls per day) 22 to 28 days of age.  I would advise you to buy a puppy starter food and start mixing it with milk when the puppies are 2 week old.  First worming is when the puppies are 2 weeks old and repeat it every 2 weeks till they are 3 months than once per month till they are 6 months then every 3 months. Flea treatment once per month. 1st vaccine 8 weeks. After each feeding rub his belly and the private area with a small peace of cloth or a towel to stimulate toileting. I would advise you to take the puppy to your local vets as well to check if there are any other abnormalities