Chronic Inflammation

Animal: Dog
Breed: Pug

Pet Symptoms: I have an 18mth old Pug bitch. Overall, she’s healthy. My concern is this.
When she runs, she will lift up her back right leg. She doesn’t do this when she’s walking, she walks fine. She also uses it to balance on when she goes to the toilet, as she lifts her back left leg off the ground at that time.. She can jump up onto my sofa no problems, and gets up on her back legs outside when the kids from next door are in their garden and she wants attention. She just doesn’t run on it at all. She isn’t in any discomfort with it, i can touch it and bend it no problem at all. To look at though, there isn’t much muscle there, possibly because she doesn’t really exercise it. She’s had this since being a little puppy, but it’s just become more noticeable as she’s gotten older. She isn’t overweight. She’s just 13.5lbs. though she isn’t underweight either, she’s really small. Should i be concerned?

Our Advice: Sometime dogs lift up back legs when they are running if they have chronic inflammation in some of the joints of the leg luxated patella or partial ruptured or torn cruciate ligament. I would advise you to contact your vet for appointment. Unfortunately without examination it is impossible to establish where exactly is the problem. If it is arthritis the vet will prescribe anti inflammatory and joint supplements. If it is luxated patella or cruciate ligament the treatment might be surgical .