Chronic Diarrhea

From: Helen with Labradoodle Fergie
Breed: Labradoodle

Pet Symptoms:

Hi, my 7year old labradoodle has chronic diarrhea, he has had this for 6 weeks now. He strains most of the time, when it first started it was just watery blood, after numerous treatments from a vet he is still watery but no blood now, all blood & stool samples came back negative, he has been on
betamox antibiotic & dexadresan steroid injections, antepsin, Zantac & metronidazole tablets, pro-kaolin+ & hills i/d prescription diet. He seems well enough in himself & his appetite is good, he did lose around 61/2 kilo of weight but last visit had put 0.9k back on. I have another appointment today but wondered if theres anything i should ask them to investigate further as its going on far too long for my poor dog, he has pet insurance

Test undertaken:

It was a full profile & haem (27 parameter) blood test & an index feces routine & camp (SARC) external lab test. He hasn’t had an Xray or ultra sound done.

Our Advice:

The next step is to test for exocrine pancreatic insufficiency and food intolerance at your local vets.