Chronic Bronchitis and Emphysema

Animal: Dog
Breed: Miniature Pinscher

Pet Symptoms: My 12 year old miniature pinscher has chronic bronchites and now unfortunately has emphysema and is on borrowed time, however is is still alert and can run about, she is on flixotide and oral steroids and synulox at present, is there anything I can give her, especially at night to ease her cough and wheeziness? could I give her robitussan adult cough medicine or an alternative? and if so at what dose. Thank you christine I do realize this is only palative care. Dry cough, wheeziness especially at night.

Our Advice: You can use Pholcodine, but I would strongly advise you discuss this with your vets prior to using it.  It’s in benylin children’s dry cough mixture, which comes in 3 strengths so you need to be sure you get the right product and give the right dose – which your vets should be able to advise you on as it’s in our formulary which lists various drugs and doses.