Chewing the Top of His Tail

Animal: Dog
Breed: Shih tzu

Pet Symptoms: I have an 8 month old male shih Tzu called louie. 5 days ago I had him castrated and chipped. Every thing went fine and I was surprised how lively he was when I picked him up but that’s him all the time lol x The only thing is he has started to chew the top of his tail quite a lot. He has never done this before. I have had 3 other dogs castrated before him and they never did. I know it is a place where fleas tend to gather but again I have never has fleas with my dogs and I have checked and he dosent have them. What could be the cause of this.

Our Advice: Sometime dogs do that if they have full anal glands. I would advise you to take him to your vet and they will check them for you.