Cats Not Getting Along With Each Other

Animal: Cat
Breed: Eqyptian Mau

Pet Symptoms: We have a two year old Egyptian Mau female cat called Ola, which we have had since she was 13 weeks old, we ave just got another Egytpian Mau female cat called Treacle who is just over three years old, they are bnoth neutered, they are really not getting on, and Ola is being pushed out to sit on the kitchen windowsill, i think with Treacle coming form a multi cat houselhold i.e at least nine cats she is used to getting what she wants when she wants, and Ola is feeling left out as she has been a only pet for a few years, they wont stop hissing or growling at each other, but have physically fought twice resulting in scratches to each other, i have tried Rescue Remedy and have a feliawat diffuser is there any medication you can recommend so they can be slightly calmer?

Our Advice: Unfortunately it does take a long time until cats get use to each other and sometime they never do. I would advise you to keep the Feliway and to buy Zylkene capsules 75 mg 1 capsule once per day for each cat. It does contain milk protein from lactating queen and it does relax the cats very well. It does not require prescription. Use it for about a month. If they are not attacking each other badly they will get there but it does take a long time sometime.