Cat Seems to be Getting Old

Animal: Cat
Breed: Orange. gold eyes

Pet Symptoms: Hi there, I have an old male ginger cat thiat in the past year as had a external growth on is outter ear that has grown bigger. Latley he has been limping in back right leg and has gotting skinnier.. It seem he has gotten really old in the last 7 months.. but in te last 3 has been a really big change, my mother said he had a sooty head and was pushing his head up against a big plant pot whilst my father was about to feed him.. He is eating and drinking alot of water though.. Is it cancer? Hes never been the cat to meow or winge.. we live at the beach/ he lives in paradise so he seems pretty relaxed. he never meows so we are not sure if he is it pain or not.. he seem happy but just old. Im just not sure if i should put him down now or wait till symptoms get worse like when he decides to not eat…???

Our Advice: The weight loss and the excessive drinking and eating could be related with hyperthyroid glands or kidney failure or cancer. Pressing head against the plant it is neurological symptom. I would advise you to contact your vets they will check Zeus over will check his bloods and you will go from there.