Cat Virus

From: Michelle with cat Mr. Tibbs
Breed: Russian Blue Cross

Pet Symptoms:

Hello I took in a 17 week old cat 4 months ago. A few days after getting him he was unwell.

I took him to the vets and he had a high temp, conjunctivitis, sneezes, green mucus coming from his nose and diarrhea.  The vets gave me stuff for his eyes, antibiotics and Panacur for worms. He got better (well we thought he did) but ever since his conjunctivitis has come and gone none stop. Looks like its clear then comes back. He’s still sneezing now and then and has had his diarrhea for months. It’s so runny its just coming out of him when he’s walking, going everywhere. I starved him for 24 hours and then put him on rice or boiled mashed potato for the last week but nothing has changed he’s still exactly the same. Can you help?


Starved for 24 hours and then put on rice and boiled mashed potato.

Our Advice:

It does sound like some sort of a cat virus. He probably need to be tested for fiv/felv/feline parvo virus/fip and possibly fecal sample for culture and parasitological examination. I would advise you to contact your vet for an appointment. It will help if you provide the vet with 3 day pollen fecal sample.