Cat Vaccines

Animal: Cat

Pet Symptoms: I recently returned from Cephalonia (GREECE) and want to adopt a cat. The cat has been living on the streets but is extremely friendly and deserves a good home. We have placed the cat in a rescue centre in Cephalonia whilst we get its rabies injection and passport. My question is this. I have two other cats who are fit and healthy and do not want to risk them. I am happy to pay for any tests if there are conditions that this new cat should be screened for.

Our Advice: I would advise you to test Toby for Rabies (it is not necessary for animals traveling from EU but you can do it anyway if there is Rabies in the area) You can test him for FIV FELV and FIP (very common diseases in stray cats). I would also advice you to vaccinate him for Rabies Calici virus Feline Viral Rhinitracheatis and Panleucopenia. I would advise you to treat Toby with veterinary registered flea and worming products before travelling.