New cat questions

From: Karolina with cat Bella
Breed: Domestic

Pet Symptoms:
Hi, have a question about having two cats at home… I am planing to get another cat, kitten around 8-9 weeks old. At the moment I have 7 month female, she is not neutered yet but will be. Don’t know if sex of my next cat is important or I can get either boy or girl?? Next cat will by neutered too, but I am not sure if boy can still mark his territory…? The are home cats and I don’t want a smelly house… Plus does the same sex fight more than opposite sex? Is that true?? Thanks a lot for you answer!

Our Advice:
Unfortunately is impossible to know how are the cats going to react until they meet. There will be some hissing and scratches but if they are not too bad they usually get on well in a few weeks. You can try to use feliway and Zylkene when you take the second cat (for stress). If they are both neutered it does not matter what is the sex of the cats. Cats do spray in the house if they are
entire or if they are stressed.