Cat Flu

From: Samantha with cat Reese
Breed: Maine Coon

Pet Symptoms:
I have a Maine Coon kitten just got he a week ago. I had to take him to the vet after Christmas because he wouldn’t eat or drink and was sneezing with some mucus coming out. The vet said he had a high fever, cat cold and a respiratory infection. They gave him a shot to get some liquids in him and prescribed an antibiotic called Clavamox. I give it to he twice a day. The fever is gone he is now drinking and using the bathroom his still sound a little congested but he still won’t eat and he very little only weighed five pounds :-( What should i do ?

Hard food should I try soft?

Our Advice:
This is probably cat flu. If the kitten is not eating I would advise you to contact the emergency vets. They will put him on a drip and give him liquid food.