Cat coexisting with us and nothing more

From: Julianna with cat
Breed: Unsure, Possibly a Bombay cat

Pet Symptoms:
I was wondering if you might be able to give any advice concerning a rescue cat. Last April my sister and I rescued a male cat. So we have had him almost a year now. We played with him for a while before deciding to adopt him and we just fell in love. Very playful, mischievous, and smart. We went back a few days to bring him home. It was a challenge at first because we have two adult
black labs. However, it did not take long until they were all tolerant of one another. My question concerns his behavior. He is by no means a lovable cat. He is playful and does not seem to be unhappy. He loves to mess with the dogs’ tails and ”bats” at them in play. What has us baffled is his intolerance to humans. He will sit across the room and look at us, or play by himself, but he
will not let anyone touch him. You literally have to corner him or chase him to even pick him up. He loves to eat and has no problem coming to his food bowl and certainly has no problem crawling on us when we ate eating. He has even put his paw on our plates trying to get food. But again, trying to touch him is a chore in and of itself. He will only allow himself to get so close
until you go to reach for him and he takes off. He always has this disgruntled, irritated look on his face. And when we do have the opportunity to pick him up, he tries to get away instantly or wags his tail in anger. I was told that perhaps Bachs Rescue Remedy would help him but it hasn’t proven
very effective. Only small marked differences. I understand that some cats aren’t ”lovey dovey” cats but according to some of what I’ve read, he wants to be near us. He will sit outside my bedroom but not come in. He will stand in the hallway of other rooms but not go in them if someone else is in there. So it’s almost as if for as much as he wants us, he doesn’t want us. He never purrs, rarely meows. So sometimes I wonder if he’s unhappy or what we are doing wrong. Do you have any advice? Should we see if medication is an option for him? I just don’t want him to be fearful of us because we love him and want him to be apart of the family. Right now it just feels like he’s coexisting with us and nothing more.

Bachs rescue remedy

Our Advice:
If he was a stray maybe he was abused by people. It will take a long time until he can trust you. I would advise you to take it very slow with him. Do not try to catch him because this will make it worse. Let him come to you when he wants to and when he is ready.