Cat Blindness

Animal: Cat
Breed: Moggy

Pet Symptoms: Hi I have a very old cat, she is 20 years old. Over the last year or so she has gone blinds, she occasionally bumps into things around the house but does not seem to be in any discomfort. She is a house cat and sleeps a lot of the time, her appetite is fine but she vomits at least twice a week. She ‘talks’ a lot of late but when I call her she responds to me so I don’t think she’s in pain I think she’s just asking where I am. Do you think I should visit a vet with her, its just she gets really distressed when in a carrier so didn’t want to take her needlessly???

Our Advice: I would think seeing a vet is in her best interests. It’s very hard to determine if a cat is in any degree of pain. I agree that she doesn’t sound to be in acute pain, but chronic pain can come from multiple sources in older cats, particularly arthritis, which is very common. Blindness can be due to many causes, from old age changes such as cataracts, but can be due to kidney problems which can affect blood pressure and then the retinas, or glaucoma which can be secondary to a lot of things and cause blindness, but is quite painful.

Annual vet checks with boosters do help to monitor changes in condition, weight etc, and some experts now recommend regular blood pressure and blood testing to monitor kidney and thyroid problems in particular annually in cats over 8 years old, or MORE frequently in some cases.

Hopefully a vet can advise you further of any underlying issues and treatment options.

Ways to try to reduce stress when taking her to the vet are quite well outlined here: