Cat bite

From Emma with cat Bubble
Breed: Domestic

Pet Symptoms:

My cat got a cat bite a week ago, seemed fine after i disinfected it, then started limping last Saturday, went to the vet and she said cat bite, gave him an anti-inflammatory and anti biotic injection, and tablets for 6 days.Yesterday he started limping again and although eating is sleeping a lot and area around puncture wound looks slightly swollen. Does he need more antibiotics?

Our Advice:

Thank you for your email. I think it would be a good idea to take Bubbles back to your vet to be re-examined. If the lameness improved but is now getting worse again I would be concerned that perhaps the infection could have spread to a joint,  that he may have a resistant bacterial infection or that there is an underlying health problem that means he doesn’t clear infections as well as he should do.