Broken Dew Claw

Animal: Dog
Breed: Pit/boston terrier mix

Pet Symptoms: What do I for my dogs hurt dew claw. It’s twisted and bent? It’s been like this for three days maybe four. She is less active then usual that’s how I know it hurts her and she licks it. She still eats and drinks but not running around like she usually does just kinda lays around a lot and chews her toys sometimes plays fetch but it’s a slow run. What do I do?! She seems depressed from it and just not acting herself.

Licking, less active ,seems depressed.

Our Advice: A broken dew claw needs to be removed by a vet.  It depends how and where they break as to how easily they can be removed and how much treatment is required.  They can bleed and it could be broken higher up where trying to remove it won’t necessarily help.