Blocked bladder

From Nishma with cat Pablo
Breed: British short hair

Pet Symptoms:

My cat was recently treated for a blocked bladder. He seemed to be recovering well but has now stopped going to the toilet again, he hasn’t used his litter tray for 3 days now although he doesn’t seem under the weather. Is it possible that he has suddenly started going to the toilet outside (he is going outside a lot more than usual) or should we go back to the vets? The only reason we’ve not gone back yet is because he finds it so traumatic so we want to make 100% sure we need to put him though it.


We’ve tried to encourage him to use his litter tray but he doesn’t want to know, he is eating a lot of food so its odd that he hasn’t been to the toilet. We’ve also taken away his dry food and are only feeding him wet food.

Our Advice:

Thank you for your email. If you are at all concerned Pablo may not be urinating I would recommend you take him to your vet to be checked over. A blocked bladder is very serious indeed and can be fatal if left untreated. Often cats will a blocked bladder will show signs of a problem such as straining to urinate but not passing anything, or licking at their bottom – however not every cat will show symptoms. As the blockage progresses the cat can become progressively quieter and may develop other symptoms such as vomiting.