Animal: Dog
Breed: Puppy

Pet Symptoms: he is being bloated from 5 days he is suffering crying loud and he is so weak can hardly walk he goes to corners of the house stay there suffering.. he is dying and vets in my town don’t know what to do “a small town in egypt”.. my dog is 6.5 kilo gram “a small puppy”.. I realy need your help.. and don’t tell me to go to a vet cause there is only one and he doesn’t know what to do Please help.

Our Advice: I am very sorry about your dog. Did Rocky had any xrays ultrasound to rule out foreign body in the gastrointestinal tract? Did the vet do any blood tests to checkĀ  his liver kidneys or for pancreatitis orĀ  food intolerance or exocrine pancreatic insufficiency? Did they send faecal sample to the lab for culture parasitology or for Parvo virus? This is the things that I would normally do for a dog with gastrointestinal problems.