Animal: Dog
Breed: Mountain dog

Pet Symptoms:  My aunt has a 5 year old male mountain dog who is now presenting with bleeding when going to the toilet which is just pure blood. this is not mixed in with any stool or urine. He has not eaten or drunk anything unusual. he is now not eating at all and is only drinking water. he normal eats bakers dry food and butchers tripe wet food and has been on this for 18 months with no problems but has had this bleeding since yesterday. i have tried him on scrabbled egg and boiled chicken but he refuses to eat this. her vet has said this might be gastroenteritis but i dont think this matches up with the symptoms on line for this. would be grateful for your advice.

Our Advice: Gastroenteritis by definition is inflammation of the stomach and intestines.  Frank blood could occur secondary to this and sometimes a small amount of blood mixed in diarrhoea can look like pure blood.  If there are clots of blood or the liquid passed forms clots, then it is definitely pure blood and this would be more concerning.  Diagnosing the cause however could be difficult – we usually start with faecal samples to check for infections and parasites, then to look further an animal would need and endoscopy (camera to look at the intestines) which needs to be under anaesthetic.

If you have tried egg and chicken, it may be worth asking your vet for a gastrointestinal food (Hills i/d or d/d, or royal canin gastrointestinal for example) and see if he will eat and settle on these.  They are designed to help recovery from GI upsets and can be very helpful.  They are also usually money back guaranteed if the patient won’t eat them so worth a try at the least.  If he is still having problems then ask your vet about further diagnostics – bloods/stool samples as they may help define or diagnose the problem better.