Best for Vaccination

Animal: Dog
Breed: Labradoodle

Pet Symptoms: We would like to know what is best for Vaccination? He has been given his first vaccine using “Vangaurd” and that was given to him at 7 weeks by the breeders vet. We have our own vet who is saying he would give “Nobivax” as the second vaccine. Would this be in your opinion a wise choice or should be stay with the Vangaurd as the second Vaccine given?

Our Advice: This is a slightly awkward subject as the advice based on independent science and the advice based on the vaccine datasheets or “manufacturer’s guidelines” are a little at odds.

In general for the first puppy vaccines – we should use the same brand for the 1st and 2nd injection. The second injection should occur no earlier than 10 weeks of age and be at least 2 weeks after the 1st. The only brands that are compatible with each other are Vanguard and Quantum; and Nobivac and Canigen. So if he had Vanguard it would be ideal for the 2nd to be Vanguard or if not possible then ideally Quantum over any other brand.

The only other consideration would be if his insurance would accept the vaccines if the manufacturers don’t and for this reason I would usually give a restart course using compatible branded vaccines unless the owners really objected to this. In some instances a final vaccine is advised at 16 weeks of age anyway, so there is no harm in him having another 2 vaccines if this course is taken.