Behavioral Change

Animal: Cat
Breed: n/a

Pet Symptoms: My cat used to be an outdoor pet when I lived with my parents, 3 months ago I moved above a pub(in the manager) and now I can’t let my cat out to roam due to many foxes being around the area. She goes out for about half an hour a day. She is left alone alot ( up to 15 hours a day) which I feel really bad for doing and I feel maybe rehoming her is best for her, although it would break my heart. I have bought her lots of toys to play with but her behaviour is changing of course she craves attention whenever I see her which I give to her but normally I’m in bed within an hour of getting in! She has also started nipping me for attention. She is 6 years old and normally so friendly, would you suggest getting her another cat to keep her company or would rehoming her be the best thing for her.

Our Advice: If you can afford a second cat that might be a good idea. Bare in mind some cats do not like other cats. You can try to introduce another cat you just have to make sure you will be able to return if they do not get on. Poppy probably just want to spend more time outside. Cats do get very grumpy if they are kept only indoors. If you decided to take another cat make sure you will provide them with Feliway diffuser for stress and Zylkene calming capsules.