Bad Diarrhea

Animal: Dog
Breed: German Shepherd

Pet Symptoms: My 8 year old German shepherd had quite bad diarrhea last weekend, on Tuesday night I let him out for his last week and notice his legs were swaying, I took him to the vet on Wednesday and she gave him metronidazole and pro-kaolin. And told me to put him on a bland diet, the thing is I have convinced myself he had degenerative myelopathy, he’s eating okay but his poos although not diarrhoea they are not solid.

Our Advice: DM is very common in German shepherds so it is possible that Dylan suffer from it if he is a bit wobbly. The diarrhoea is probably separate condition. If the faeces are still soft I would advise you to collect 3 day sample and give it to your vets. They might need to do blood test to check his kidneys and if he is okay they can put Dylan on pain killers. It is not going to cure the DM but will probably make him more comfortable.