Bad Diarrehea

Animal: Dog
Breed: German Shepherd

Pet Symptoms:  Hi. My six month old pup has had some really bad diarrhea today. She chewed up a rubber handle yesterday and we did not see her eat any of it, but if she did could that be a cause? She also gets walked frequently through out the day. Could things, such as bubble gum, cause this too? She has had some medical history with this sort of thing. She was very sick when she was little but has been doing really well the past two months.

 Our Advice: If Isis has swallowed plastic object stone or anything else sharp this could be a reason for blockade of the gastrointestinal tract. Usually animals with blocked gastrointestinal tact have hard painful abdomen they are lethargic and vomiting. If she is not lethargic or vomiting I would advise you to try and feed her little and often boiled chicken breasts with rice for 24 hours and see how she go. If she is lethargic with hard abdomen or vomiting I would advise you to take her to your vets ASAP.