Recently Asked Questions

  • 6. Disoriented and Head is Wobbly

    Animal: Dog Breed: Pomarinum Pet Symptoms: My dog is disoriented and head is wobbly. She was fine earlier what could be wrong with her. She was fine running around playing then all of a sudden looked scared and was disoriented … Continue reading

  • Abscess in Cats

    Animal: Cat Breed: Pet Symptoms: My cat had a lump under the skin on her upper nose sinus area, this appeared to burst open and first clear jelly and now pus is coming out. She appears happier now this has … Continue reading

  • Accidentaly gave my 10 week puppy 2 Albon pills

    Animal: Dog Breed: Black Elkhound/Black Lab Pet Symptoms:  I accidentaly gave my 10 week puppy 2 Albon pills to treat her worms. And It’s only given once a day. I am really worried. Our Advice: If there is vomiting diarrhoea … Continue reading

  • Aggressive Behaviour

    Animal: Dog Breed: Siberian Husky Pet Symptoms: She has started “nipping” people not proper biting but she has done it to people she knows. Our Advice: If Mya was not aggressive before it is very strange that she is showing … Continue reading

  • Aggressive Cat

    Animal: Cat Breed: Not indicated Pet Symptoms: Hi i have recently bought a British blue neutered female cat..she was 18 months old at the time. i have had her for 7 months & in that time she has constantly attacked … Continue reading

  • Aggressiveness During Pregnancy

    From: Amber with cat Angel Breed: Short Haired Domestic Pet Symptoms: Not symptoms but my cat is pregnant about 52 days and she had a litter a few months ago we kept one of her babies but now she keeps … Continue reading

  • Allergic Dermatitis

    From: Jackie with cat Misty Breed: Domestic shorthair Pet Symptoms: My cat has gone bald on her tummy and bottom end of her tail what do i do? Tried: Bathed her skin with warm water Our Advice: It does sound … Continue reading

  • Allergic Reaction

    Animal: Dog Breed: STAFFORDSHIRE BULL TERRIER Pet Symptoms: Tala was sick am today a small amount of yellow bile, up till then she was fine.She started to make wierd noises and appeared stressed.She has recovered from all this but lumpy … Continue reading

  • Allergic Reaction to Treats

    Animal: Dog Breed: Pomarainen Pet Symptoms: My dog has eaten a packet of cat dreamies treats and is panting and scratching alot Our Advice: It sound like your dog is having allergic reaction to something in the treats. I would … Continue reading

  • Anal Gland Irritation

    From: Lisa Breed: Pug dog Pet Symptoms: I have an 11 week old pug who keeps sitting down and rolling his bottom backwards as if itching it he’s been vet checked 3 times and they cant find anything wrong with … Continue reading