No Appetite, Throwing up and Barely Using the Litter

Animal: Cat
Breed: Not indicated

Pet Symptoms: My cat is usually a good eater but lately he has no appetite. he has been throwing up and barely using the litter box. he seems to not be able to get comfortable, sometimes making the loud yowl-meow which is also out of character. we are taking him to the vet 2 days form now but if this qualifies as an emergency i would drop everything and take him to an animal hospital. please tell me what i should do and if there is anything i can do to make him more comfortable.

He often throws up a few times a week but this is everytime he tries to eat

Our Advice: If he is not urinating in the litter tray and showing signs of pain I would suggest he is seen immediately.  Blocked bladder problems in male cats particularly can be a serious problem.  If he is urinating in the tray, not straining to pass urine and just vomiting, then it may not be as urgent, but I would still try to get him seen soon if he has been vomiting every time he tries to eat.  This means he isn’t really able to digest or process any food, so isn’t getting the nutrition he needs day to day.  Vomiting can be associated with many different illnesses, so isn’t really a specific sign, but a vet should be able to rule in or rule out a number of possible causes with a clinical examination.