Apathetic Hyperthyroidism

Animal: Cat

Pet Symptoms: My 12 year old female cat, Misty, has Apathetic Hyperthyroidism, she had the left thyroid gland removed in early May, the day of the surgery we noticed a lump starting in the right side as well and asked the vet to check this (he later said it was ok). She showed improvement for 2 weeks and started to gain weight and eat normally again, but the lump in her neck has continued to grow and her eating has reduced again and she has started to loose weight. The vet has re-checked bloods and confirmed they are “not normal” They have said they do not want to do anything more surgically and to watch her symptoms and return in a month for another blood test, but the mass in the right side of her neck is continuing to grow,she is drooling quite a lot, not eating properly and her coat is in very poor condition as well as looking so thin, it is upsetting to look at her in such a sorry state. She has not been given any medication and I am just concerned that nothing more is being done for her. I am living in France and my french is not good and although the vet can speak fairly good english she prefers not to and discussing through a third party is not easy. I just feel I need advice to ensure all that came be done to help Misty is being done as its hard to just watch her for another 3 weeks.

Our Advice: It is difficult to give accurate advice without examination of Misty and access to her clinical history. Some times after some time cats with hyperthyroidism need the other half of the gland to be removed as well. If there are symptoms and the gland is getting bigger this would probably what I would advise. I usually wait at least 2 months after the first surgery but every vet has a different approach.