Anxiety Issues

From Paula with dog Georgie
Breed: Shih tzu

Pet Symptoms:

Hi, I’m at my wits end my dog is keeping us awake at night, over the years he has gone from being scared of thunder, to rain, wind, my fire alarm, my oven being switched on and now it seems bedtime is a problem, I have two shih tzus one is normal, I’ve tried all the plug ins, storm coats, he used to have the run in the house but I now have to put him in a crate as he destroyed lots of things all over the house iv been to my vets who prescribed a anxiety tablet I gave them for a month but they had no effect, I do have diazepam which I got from my mother in laws vet in Spain, I give him that when I know we are expecting a really bad storm or fireworks, they have a small affect buts takes about two hours to work! I have spoke to a dog psychologist but can not afford to take my dog as it is a ridiculous amount of money per hour and to be honest I don’t think it would make much diff, can dogs suffer with mental health like humans with bipolar?

Many thanks Paula.


Medication, thunder oats, plug ins, advice!

Our Advice:

Thank you for your email. I’m sorry to hear that Georgie is so easily upset. I would suggest he has a health check with your vet to check for any underlying medical issues. For example, if he has arthritis and it hurts him to run away from scary sounds, he will associated scary sounds with being painful making the problem even worse! There any several different tablets which can help with anxiety, but to work they need to be given alongside a behavioural programme. ‘Xanax’ is an effective anxiety medication in dogs that your vet may be able to prescribe. If his fear is of noises you may find the ‘Sounds Scary’ behavioural programme helpful (available on i-tunes). DAP sprays and collars may also help.

Unfortunately there is no quick fix for behavioural problems, and they can require a big financial and time to get any better.

I hope this information helps.