Anti-Parasite Treatment

Animal: Cat
Breed: Short hair

Pet Symptoms: Seems to be behaving normally, washing the area more than usual, but i suppose that is expected. The area does not seem to be inflamed and the areas that are reddish, are raised a little. There has been some diarrhea in the litter tray, but can not be sure its from this cat or his brother. Is eating and drinking normally.

Our Advice: Most commonly in cats we see skin issues like this due to common parasites like fleas and mites. If you haven’t done so already I would advise treating him with a comprehensive anti-parasite treatment like advocate or stronghold (for example, there are many others) – ideally a prescription product from your vets. This could be something else, but the vast majority relate to irritation caused by parasites.

If it isn’t improving, then ringworm can be tested for, but not without taking to a vet. They would take a hair pluck sample and culture to see if any dermatophytes like ringworm grow. It can take up to 2 weeks for results. They may also be able to give medications to settle the inflammation and itching and help to speed up recovery.