Allergic Reaction

Animal: Dog

Pet Symptoms: Tala was sick am today a small amount of yellow bile, up till then she was fine.She started to make wierd noises and appeared stressed.She has recovered from all this but lumpy patches and ridges have appeared on her hindquarters not bothering her but bothering me.Is this a temporary thing?

Our Advice: It sounds like an allergic reaction to something – maybe something she has eaten that caused a stomach upset/vomiting as well.  Piriton can help and is relatively safe to give at one 4 mg tablet daily for 2 or 3 days, but it may be worth seeing a vet to make sure there is nothing else underlying as a cause, and it’s not possible to determine the cause or that what you are seeing is an allergic reaction without seeing Tala.  So long as there are no breathing difficulties or swelling around the throat, most allergic reactions like this are temporary.