Aggressive Cat

Animal: Cat
Breed: Not indicated

Pet Symptoms: Hi i have recently bought a British blue neutered female cat..she was 18 months old at the time. i have had her for 7 months & in that time she has constantly attacked my other cat. Even though she comes off worse, she still wont stop the attacks I have tried the plug in stuff that is supposed to calm them but its not really affective. She has now got a torn ear & a weepy eye My other cat is not aggressive normally but she wont put up with being attacked & has retaliated Im at the point of rehoming my new cat as i just dont know what else to do Any suggestions please?

Our Advice: You can try Zylkene 75 mg once per day for few weeks it is not prescription medication so you can buy it online. If this does not help you can ask your vet to prescribe Clomicalm.