Abscess in Cats

Animal: Cat

Pet Symptoms: My cat had a lump under the skin on her upper nose sinus area, this appeared to burst open and first clear jelly and now pus is coming out. She appears happier now this has burst, eating much better. She keeps washing it and the hole is getting larger. She does let me wipe it with salt water and she has had antibiotic injection that last 2 weeks from the vet. She is on her second one. What I want to know is should this be left or should it be packed or something and should I stop my cat licking it.? She doesn’t cope well with traveling even the short distance to vets and want to keep vet visits to a minimum if I can, my cat Maggie is around 14 years old and recently had two teeth taken out due to massive infection. No visible abscess noted at the time. The abscess burst three weeks ago now and still pus coming out.

Our Advice: If this is abscess is better if it is left open. I would advise you to bathe it with salty water 2-3 times per day. If it is still not healing I would recommend biopsy and swab for culture and sensitest.